Goa Chitra: Rewind began with the attempt to tell the story of Goa Chitra – the inception of the idea, the ideologies and beliefs that shaped it, and the plethora of experiences formed along the way. The grand narrative of the journey of Goa Chitra – rife with struggles, little joys, and anecdotal wisdom – is composed of multiple smaller narratives. By piecing together these isolated stories, told through different voices and different perspectives, Goa Chitra: Rewind aims to deliver them to a wider audience.

The blog has been conceptualised and is curated by Malavika Neurekar from FLAME University, Pune. Goa Chitra Rewind contains stories written by friends and acquaintances of Victor Hugo Gomes and of the Goa Chitra Team. All the posts by guest contributors are published as they were originally written, and all edits (if any) have been made keeping in mind the spirit and intent of the original piece.