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Words From the Heart

By James Stevenson

It was Victor’s energy and enthusiasm that I originally found attractive.  He is a born motivator.  I have had many friends over the years full of great plans and ideas but Victor is perhaps the only one who pursues to completion his visions with the single-minded determination that anyone who knows him has witnessed. Victor built my house here in Goa and it was a bumpy road.  Over several years there were ups and downs. What I can say is that it has turned out very well and is very much the result of our collaboration. Victor has a wonderful open mind and was always willing to negotiate on any matter.  Serious rowdy drunken arguments were forgotten and most important – we are still close friends. Also in a potential minefield of financial misunderstanding we had none.  Victor has a wonderful generosity of spirit that I have benefitted from and witnessed countless times.  I know I can count on him when I need him and he is someone I trust unreservedly.  I have spent many happy hours at Goa Chitra at all kinds of events.  Looking back over the years I wonder what the future holds.  One can be sure it will look nothing like it does now.  A few months can dramatically change it.  Victor’s pace can be exhausting and always there will be new ideas being realized.  I remember a few years ago going around with Victor in Mumbai looking for a Victoria carriage for his museum.  He looked at many and out of them chose the most unlikely- the one covered with marriage paraphernalia and ugly to behold.  He knew what he wanted and had the eye for it.  His negotiations with the owner were masterful. In short, his are the qualities of a collector.  It is impossible to imagine Victor not being successful in his endeavors and I see him going from strength to strength.  I am happy to be a part the Goa Chitra experience.


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