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Artists’ Support

(This article redirects from the main article When the Art World United: Part I)

Book Launches

Writers who chose to release their books at Goa Chitra and donated part or total of the amount received from the publisher/ sale of the book to the museum.

Valmiki Faleiro (“Patriotism in Action”), Pantaleao Fernandes (“Goa Remembered”), Dr. Belinda Viegas (“The Cry of the Kingfisher” and “The Golden Gate and other stories”), Jess Fernandes  (Render Ani Tachem Goem), Alexandre Moniz Barbosa (“Goa Rewound”), Ibonio D’Souza (“Rise And Shine”), Braz Menezes (“Just Matata”), Alexyz, Merle Almeida and Nina Sabnani (“My Godri Anthology”).

Music Performances

Bands and musicians who performed free or at cost to raise funds for the museum

Ash Chandler (Mumbai), Oscar Castellino (UK), Jazzy Joe (Mumbai), PAN DUO (Australia), The Beat Root Blues band (Mumbai), Sandhya Sanjana and Random Access (Amsterdam), Soulmate blues band (Shillong), Netherlands Jazz Trio- Brouwer-Akihary-Bhattacharya (BAB),  Fauzia Maria Beg and Band(Germany), Neil Gomes and the musical prodigies (Elvis Lobo, Carlos Gonsalvesetc), Geetu Hinduja Quartet (Mumbai), Emeliano da Cruz Trio (Goa), Jazz Junction(Goa), The “NEW ELITE” Jazz Band with AnibalCrasto and Yvonne Gonsalves, The Big Bang Blues (BBB) (Delhi), Flypsyde’ –  ABBA tribute band (Mumbai), THE AWESOME 4SOME- Beatles tribute band (Mumbai), Country Silk (Mumbai), Nirmika& The Few Good Men (Mumbai), The Ladies Of Jazz (Goa), ACOUSTRIX (Mumbai), Trio de Assuncao, STUTI Choral Ensemble, Gerad Machado Trio (Bangalore), HFT (Shilong), Thermal and a Quarter TAAQ (Bangalore), Kanchandaniel  with Beesknees (Mumbai), TRUE BLUE (Goa), Steve Sequeira Quintet (Goa), The HyadonBaryton Trio (Budapest), Dischordian (Mumbai), Jacinta Luis quartet (Canada), MininoGaray Band (Argentina), Max Clouth Trio”  (Germany).

Art Donors

Dom Martin, Savia Viegas, Wilson D’souza, Querozito D’souza, Lizel D’souza, Antonio Costa, Condrad Pinto, Shallu Sharma, SaviaD’Costa, Lorreti Pinto, Rajendra Usapkar, Charudatta Ram Prabhudesai, Mohan Naik, Norman Tagore, Nirupa Naik, Mekhla Harrison, Yolanda D’souza etc


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