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Jack of all Trades, Master of a Museum

By Francisco Colaco

I know Victor for many years now. I would call him an “eccentric”. But it is here that lies his forte: an unconventional man always in search of a goal. Being multifaceted, he would dabble in everything and succeed in nothing. A lover of jazz, he brought to Goa many prominent Indian and worlds artists. But after initial success, his events management efforts fizzled-out. Then, he opened a few restaurants. After a favourable response his endeavours died down and I am sure he must have incurred a financial loss in the bargain. I heard then that he had started an agricultural farm but there was no news of it after a time. Poor Victor, meant to court failure forever, I mused.

One day over a few drinks he told me he wanted the Konkani meaning of various words and asked me whether I could help. “Definitely”, I replied as a “xanno”. But my efforts didn’t pass muster. It was at this time that Victor disclosed that he was bent to put together a cultural heritage museum with centuries-old heritage material from all over Goa. A daunting task indeed!

But “beg, borrow or steal” this time his resolve was of steel. And with a never say die attitude he put together an obra-prima. We Goenkars are proud of him. Goa Chitra has now become a rendezvous for connoisseurs from all over the world, a world-renowned museum which consists of “Goa Chitra”, “Goa Chakra” and “Goa Cruti”. It has become the fulcral point for visitors from all over the world.

Neil on Flute, Dr. Francisco Colaco on Vocals, Jazzy Joe on Sax, Colin D'Cruz on Bass, Gillu on Guitar, Allan Moraes on drums and Xavier Peres on Keyboards.jpg
Dr. Francisco Colaco on Vocals at the Jazzy Joe Concert held at Goa Chitra
Dr, Francisco Colaco for the launch of Goa Rewound book launch at Goa Chitra.jpg
Dr. Francisco Colaco at the book launch of Goa Rewound held at Goa Chitra

Victor is passionate, like no one else, about his baby. Yet I know there will always be hardships in his way, the main one being the huge running costs of such a mammoth venture. But with his dogged determination, the help of his devoted wife, of thousands of his admirers and especially with God’s blessings his dreams will come true.

francisco colaco.jpgDr. Francisco Colaco is a consultant physician and Echocardiographer practicing in Margao. He completed his education in 1972, graduating from the University of Bombay through Seth G.S Medical College and KEM Hospital.He has trained at the University of Alabama, USA under the ‘Father of Modern Echocardiogrphy’, Dr.Navin Nanda; been a visiting professor at John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, USA; been the president of Goa State IMA (Indian Medical Association); and lectured at several national and international conferences. He has been the recipient of many awards for his contribution to the world of Medicine, and in his leisure time, enjoys singing, dancing, and playing the guitar.


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